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Shall the school board of Columbia County levy a one-half percent (0.5%) sales surtax for a period of twenty (20) years for the acquisition, construction, reconstruction, renovation, remodeling, or improvement of school facilities, including safety and security improvements, and the purchase of technology equipment, including hardware and software. The revenues collected shall be shared with eligible charter schools based on their proportionate share of total school district enrollment.

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[   ] - Against the half-cent tax

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A half-penny sales tax spreads the burden to everyone, and an estimated 23% will be paid by visitors, lessening the burden on local property owners and residents. It’s a small contribution for the individual with a huge impact on schools.

Help be a part of the solution. Invest in our children.

Your funds will be used to directly educate and inform the voters of Columbia County on the importance of passing the half cent sales tax referendum.